New Frontiers

EMBRACING NEW FRONTIERS is the theme for this year’s Practice Convention which is scheduled to be held on 03 & 04 March 2011 at Furama RiverFront. The theme was mooted in view of the ever changing building industry and the new challenges that practices are facing. A highlight in this year’s Practice Convention is the launch of the SIA Expert Determination* (ExD) Rules, as well as a presentation by our Guest of Honour, Mr Edward Wong.

The two-day Convention brings together a lineup of senior speakers who have many years of experience in the building industry, government agencies, and legal environment who will be addressing the challenges of new frontiers in Architectural Services Procurement, Building Contracts and Construction Law, Project Management, Business Development, Technologies and Resources and Statutory Compliance. Software vendors will also be invited to present BIM applications tailored specifically for Architects.

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*Expert Determination (ExD) can be used where disputes and differences between parties remain unresolved beyond the first tiered decisions by contract administrators. Parties have the further options of referring such issues to arbitration, mediation, statutory adjudication or the Courts. However, sometimes these dispute resolution processes are not the most cost-effective and efficient ways for resolving certain kinds of disputes, such as specific technical engineering and construction issues or questions. In such instances, Expert Determination may provide a faster and less expensive alternative, and will complement and support the current dispute resolution regime in Singapore.